Who needs to diet

By: 19mom

Who needs to diet? no one does not even you. I tried and tried and finally i was getting ready to give up. But i found this really good routine that worked for me and that was the firm wave. i stood up and told my self i'm going too stop dieting and just exercise. I have two babies and i had baby fat and everyone that saw me eaither ask are you having a baby or said your fat. God tells us we should not be ashamed of are selfs. I am not ashamed of my self but i did need to start taking care of your self so. lets find out how.

Here are a couple of facts, you need to exercise and eat a balance daily meal. the nutrition pyramide will help you with that. your suppost to eat three meals a day, breakfast, Lunch ,and Dinner .If be twin meals is where it hurts you the most the work on that eat smaller potions to hold you over till you eat again. therre also some other helpful hints breakfeast is most important meal of the day. another one is you dont have to eat a snacks after every meal or at all.Eat more protien ,vegetables, and grain.

Well i know your probally wandering how is that going to help you well there is alot more things out there that can help you so click on one of the sites that i a have on this page it will help you . Pick one and try it it just might be for you. everyone isnt the same we are all different in are own ways.

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